Open for subscriptions
April 10-30

We are honored to invite african directors to participate on the African Film Festival – Espelhos d’África , which aims
to widen the windows of reproduction content produced by african movie directors and movies that have the films that have Africa and its countries as the central theme.

During this edition, there will be exhibited short and feature films such as fiction, documentaries, animation and experimental movies, in order to dialogue with the public school and community centers of popular neighborhood and the suburbs of the city of Salvador – Bahia.
The African Film Festival – Espelhos d’África will focus on the visibility of themes connected to the black population, reinforcing the demands of those who also consume art, but they have been denied access to a centralizing and Eurocentric system.
The event will be held from May 25 to 30, with free exhibitions in cultural spaces, schools and squares of the city of Salvador – Bahia.
The deadline for submission of cinematographic works will be between April 10 and 30.
Entries can be made through the link:


In order to participate in the African Film Festival – Espelhos d’África, the short and feature movies will have to attend the following requirements:

1.1 The attendees should meet all the steps of the submission procedures by respecting the deadlines and filling in the requirements of these procedures. The submissions are due from the 10 th of April till the 30 th of April, 2019, by filling out the form bellow.

1.2. Concerning the elegibility of the work:
a) The works must have been directed or produced by Africans or have the African continent and its countries as the central theme;
b) The works not containing translation in Portuguese will be translated. Send the caption in .SRT file in English, Spanish or French.
c) The films must have been finalized from the year 2010.

1.3. Concerning the documents for submissions:
a) Three images (or frame capture) for disclosure of the inscribed film, in the formats jpg, png or psd (minimum 300 dpi).
b) Picture of the director (s) of the inscribed film;
c) Link that allows the online viewing of the film;
d) Synopsis / Movie Summary
e) Data sheet
f) All registration and obligatory submissions will take place through the form available at the link:

1.4. Film Submission
In order to submit in the Film Festival, the following requirements will be demanded:
It is considered valid the link that allows the screening of the film online, preferably, via Vimeo, Youtube, Google Drive, WeTransfer or any other Online hosting website.
PS. We will not hold responsibility for any files that are corrupted or present any technical
problem nor which the access to the link has expired.
PS 2. Each person can submit an unlimited number of films, however there must be one
different submission for each film and the gathering of the documents for each of those film
Please contact the organization staff in case of doubt via e-mail address:

2.1. The list with the selected feature and short films will be released on the Film Festival website and it will be posted on social media network, Facebook and Instagram.

3.1. The staff of the Film Festival reserves the right to convert all sent files into different formats if necessary for the movie screening;
3.2. Each movie director and/or correspondent of selected films, local productions, must be responsible in participating on the awards, round-tables, lectures and further activities related to their work;

4.1. The feature and short films that will be exhibited on the Film Festival will be elected by the organization following the criteria of aesthetics refinement, representativity and relevance;
4.2. In all, 10 films will be selected, ranging from short films (up to 25 minutes), medium films (from 25 to 60 minutes) and long films (over 60 minutes).

5.1. All selected films can have video featured snippets for advertising purposes (3 min) (TV, social network and other means of broadcasting);
5.2. The backup of ALL submitted works, including the non-elected, will integrate the archives of the African Film Festival – Espelhos d’África, and might compose the more extensive schedule of the Festival. The Festival will notify the director for eventual exhibitions permission.

6.1. The unforeseen cases to these Regulations will be decided by the organizing Committee of the Film Festival. The act of submission implies in unrestricted acceptance, by the competitor, of all of the terms of these Regulations. It implies also in the declaration of authorship of the film and the copyright to its possession.
Please contact the organization staff in case of doubt via e-mail address: